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A Saint's Salvation - Beverly Ovalle

Nick is a Marine stationed in Afghanistan. Feeling the misery of serving in the sandbox and having had his heartbroken with the arrival of a ‘Dear John’ letter from his girlfriend back home, he’s in a rough place. Nick uses his body to shield an injured Marine as well as Navy corpsman Angelina Jones from a grenade attack landing both him and Angelina in the hospital. Petty Officer Jones, also known as ‘Doc’ among the Marines, has lost her leg and Nick comes to the realization that he could have lost her before he ever got the chance to love her.

Mrs. Ovalle writes a sweet, loving, yet steaming hot romance between two veterans who have survived hell and found salvation with each other. She follows Nick through his journey to find himself again after the wear and tear of service on the front lines. If service members were to have a fairy tale, this would be it. Nick is a Marine through and through. He’s cocky, crude, and foul mouthed but also compassionate and loving. Mrs. Ovalle captures the emotional journey both Doc and Nick have taken and illustrates it all beautifully. She brings the realities of war and the recovery from injuries, both visible and not, to life and captures the essence of why many veterans have chosen to serve. Beverly Ovalle you have touched this Marine’s heart and your story will be with me for a very, very long time. Semper Fi.